Our Verticals


Today’s world is moving on an incredible pace of technological advancement. However, one this has not reached Along with the cow feel Information, Communication & Technology instruments can be used as a powerful tool for development of the poor & marginalised societies who are unable to access many of the development opportunities in terms of schemes & programs from the government. Our aim is to enhance the access to development schemes & programs so that it can pave the way for the development.

Technical Services we Offer:

Design customised applications and softwares
Web based program management solutions
Design Online Training Courses
Capacity Building on ICT tools for development
Technology based assessment tools


1) ICT Solutions for Program Management for development projects:

Customised Technology solutions for complete program management including situational analysis/baseline creation, planning, Monitoring & Evaluation, Reporting, HR management, financial management exclusively for development project interventions.

2) ICT Solutions for Government Schemes & Programs:

We design need based ICT solutions to enhance the effectiveness & efficiency of the government schemes & programs and increase the access of such services to the marginalised groups.

3) ICT solutions for focus sectors:

We aim to integrate ICT into all the sectors we are currently focusing upon by default and it is a crosscutting theme for all our focus sectors.


1) Our Team has experience & expertise in who have Led for ICT4D has developed number of innovative mobile based solutions for clients like HPCL, BPCL and so on.
2) Our CEO who has worked in the development sector for 12 years understands where & how ICT can play a pivotal role in enhancing access.
3) Our Technology development partners Buzibee Technology Solutions.

Our Partner

To contribute significantly to the overall target of skilling up of people in India, mainly by fostering private sector initiatives in skill development programmes.