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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Inaccessibility to information, knowledge, quality education, skills, technology, services, and other important developmental opportunities hinders the growth and development of many of individuals & communities due to which there is a huge divide in the society in almost all human development spheres. Unfortunately, there is considerable inequity in developing countries. People’s access to and interaction with key institutions are shaped by power balances in the political, economic and social spheres, often leading to adverse incorporation and social exclusion. Also, patterns of inequality reinforce each other through intergenerational transmission and various formal and informal institutions, resulting in inequality between groups and geographical regions and chronic poverty passed between generations. The available evidence on the scale of the challenge confirms a worrying picture of life chances dependent on inherited circumstances and inequitable access to services, as well as rising income inequality which may further entrench disadvantage. As well as being a bad thing in itself, this inequity has a negative effect on growth, poverty reduction, social cohesion and voice.
Access Edutech is an social development venture which intend to design customised solutions & services which would enhance the access of the excluded groups to services, which will facilitate their growth & development.

Brainstorm Team Meeting

Our Vision

“Inclusive & Holistic development of all”

Optimizing Human Potential by enhancing access to opportunities for skill development & employment, education, information communication & technology quality health and market and thereby pave the way for
development of marginalized & excluded groups.

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